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The American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges (AIAASC) is the school accreditation arm of American Educational Consulting Associates, Ltd. (AEC). AEC is filed with the State of New York pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Education Law, the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, the Business Corporation Law, and the Limited Liability Law of New York. AIAASC is governed by a Commission Board that jointly serves ECA and AIAASC. The Board is led by a President, Vice-President and three at-large members. To be eligible for membership on the Commission, a person must have been actively involved in the profession of education either as a teacher or administrator and have experience in the issues relating to international schools and accreditation.

January 2018 Newsletter

In this edition of the newsletter we are including articles from the leaders of AIAA regarding some key issues we encounter as we work with schools. Insight into the thinking of these leaders will be of great benefit to schools as AIAA moves forward with its mission to improve international schools through accreditation.

Upcoming Events

Student Engagement Strategies

Date: March 31, 2018

Time: 09:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: No. 120, An Narjis, Riyadh 13324, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Salam Noor Former Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Oregon Registration Fee 200 SR This workshop will help you cultivate a learner-centered classroom, and instruction that promotes students taking an active part in their own learning. By putting learners at the center of each classroom, you can help improve outcomes and better […]