AIAA Leadership

AIAA is a team of professional educators dedicated to enhancing the standard of education worldwide. These highly qualified individuals hail from varied geographies and viewpoints and have come together to establish a standard set of global best practices. Our leadership team has the background and expertise to help international schools improve through accreditation.

Board of Directors
Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill
Board Chair
Dr. John Raffaeli
Dr. Laird Evans
Dr. John Rogers
Dr. Roland Holstead
Ms. Mary Teatum
Dr. Hassan El Kalla
Ms. Melissa Willby
Dr. Ray Lindley
Executive Director

    Welcome to the American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges (AIAA). I started traveling to international schools more than a dozen years ago and since that time I have visited hundreds of schools and programs.  I love working with the schools, the students,
and the educators. Our association is here
to help schools improve – with the goal that school improvement will result in student improvement.

    Through the accreditation process, you
will discover more about your school, your mission and your organization than you would ever think possible and it will all translate into a better school and a better student experience. Combine the process with the help and support our association offers you and you will understand why so

many schools comment that getting accredited helped them go from being
a good school to being a great school.

It is my personal goal to help all schools improve. School improvement can best happen when the school is dedicated to improving the opportunities for all students to grow and improve – to prepare them for the world that lies before them. For, when students improve, schools improve.

    I am so delighted to have such a qualified team to work with here at AIAA. You will be impressed with our staff members who are experienced in educational theory, in practice and have years of experience in working with and accrediting international schools. This experience translates into
being able to understand your school’s

needs and in providing help and support that is based on a successful educational track record. Your school will benefit from our team’s understanding that for accreditation to be meaningful, the policies, procedures and practices must be “school friendly” – which translates to how your schools can use these standards to fully understand what will help you make a quality education for students. When your school fully infuses these standards into your program, you can be assured that you will be creating a school that is using the best practices of the best schools worldwide.

    I encourage you to review all of the information about AIAA and you will find
that accreditation through AIAA is worthy
of your best efforts.  You can contact me directly if you have any questions.

Dr. Jacob Francom
Associate Director
Dr. John Aziz
Associate Director
Mr. Giorgi Makhviladze
Regional Director, 
Europe & Central Asia 
Mr. Hauk (Chris) Chan
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Maged Zaki
Higher Education Advisor